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Questions to Ask a Property Management Company You Intend To Hire


Looking for good property Management Company you can entrust your investment with is challenging. It is because of the flooding of the market with both the good and the bad. But with the right information you can easily get yourself an excellent fit just for you. Here are some of the questions you should use to cross check the competence of a property manager.


What kinds of properties do you mange?

You need to find out what is their specialty in management of property. They can either be commercial managers or residential manger from It helps you get to know what kind of experience the company has. This question will be an opening to others asked indirectly lie how long have they been in management business? It enables you to choose a competent company not based on how many years they have been operation but how effective are they.


How to you determine who to rent out to?

Tenants are the most important people when you are having a residential or commercial property. They are the people who will rent out the space and earn you some revenue. Do they scream them? Do they ask the right documentation? This are answers to answered in this area. You need to trust your house with someone who is key on who to rent out to. You do not want a manger who just wants to get money at the end of the month without considering the property's well-being. Get some details at


How do you deal with payments?

Payments are the backbone of any leased out property. You are required to know what the procedures they use in handling of rent are. What policies are put in place to ensure that rent is collected regularly? The management company should have backup plans in case a tenant has not paid their rent for some time which is possible. They should have rent policies that are air tight to protect you.


How is your customer service to tenants?

You need not to end up giving this task to a management company that has no value to tenants. A company that is know not only exploiting the customers but taking them though hell. Such mangers create a bad name for your property which may end up loosing tenants. In customer management how do they solve issues that may arise among tenants? Are they quick to respond to emergencies?


These are just some questions that when answered satisfactory to you will help in finding that manger from that you want.